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Seminars Archive/view of 20th EMS Seminars Archive. Programmes, papers/ presentations, photos, and lists of speakers & participants from all previous EMS.
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33rd EMS held November 9-12, 2012
Confidence Building & Networking in the Med
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NEW High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Brussels, 15/05/2012
Delivering on a new European Neighbourhood Policy
New book by Prof. Stephen Calleya: Security Challenges in the Euro-Med Area in the 21st Century - Mare Nostrum, Routledge 2012.
Acknowledging the strategic significance of this region between Europe and the Middle East, this book identifies the main stakeholders within today’s debate on the future of Euro-Med relations: EU, USA, and the NATO and focuses on their main security interests in the region. It also addresses illegal migration, terrorism, religious intolerance and human rights issues. > More
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"EMS Network" the EMS newsletter features an editorial from the prominent speaker at the Seminar, Alumni / participants pages, EU presidency review of the EMP incl. a calendar of major events, milestone events in the EU, and other interesting EMP / EMS related articles.
On this page you can read and download CURRENT & previous EMS Network issues as PDFs.
 Training Seminars for Diplomats 
In the course of the implementation of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership process, the necessity for shaping a culture of dialogue and cooperation among the European member states and its Mediterranean Partners has continually been emphasised. As one of the results, the EC has entrusted the Mediter- ranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies to run a semi-annual Information and Training Seminar for Euro-Mediterranean desk officers of the 39 partner countries. > More

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Cyprus EU Presidency logo Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU (July - December 2012). Aussi en langue français :
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