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EMS Network, the Euro-Med Seminars Newsletter

EMS Network, Issue 13, Spring 2012    1.78 MB
Malta’s Foreign Policy Agenda in a Changing Mediterranean
by Hon. Dr. Tonio Borg, Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta (p.1-4)

New Book published by MEDAC: Change and Opportunities in the Emerging Mediterranean
Edited by S. Calleya and Monika Wohlfeld (p.5)

EMS Alumni – Workgroup reports & Contributions by Participants of the
31st Euro-Med Information and Training Seminar for Diplomats (p.6-11)

Eurozone: From Crisis to Sustainability, Editorial (p.12)

EMS Network, Issue 9, Spring 2010    819 KB
This issue of the EMS Network newsletter commences with an analysis entitled “A New Partnership for a New Decade”, penned by the Director of MEDAC,
Professor Stephen Calleya.

Dr. Michael Koehler, former Head of Cabinet of Dr. Joe Borg, EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, provides an article on “The EU Integrated Mediterranean Maritime Policy”.

Dr. Omar Grech, Director of the Human Dimension programme at MEDAC writes about “Women’s Rights in the Euro-Mediterranean Area”.

This issue also includes a regular feature: Seminar alumni – contributions by the participants of the 27th EMS held in October 2009.

The back page includes the announcement of the appointment of the UfM Secretary General, the Jordanian Ambassador, Dr. Ahmad Masa’deh.

EMS Network, Issue 8, Autumn 2009    753 KB
Editorial –
Dr. Yossi BEILIN Chairman of the Geneva Initiative, Israel Speaking “International” ... 1
Amb. Dr. Magdi HEFNI Director, RCWE, Cairo, Egypt Water Diplomacy in a Changing World ... 2
EMS ALUMNI – Working Group Report on “Enhancing Intercultural Relations” ... 4 EMS Participation Poster ... 6
Comments by participants of XXVI Euro-Med Seminar ... 8
Swedish Presidency of The Council of the EU and The Lisbon Treaty ... 11

EMS Network, Issue 7, Spring 2009    3.11 MB
Editorial –
Amb. Serge Telle, Euro-Med Co-ordinator, Paris
Union for the Mediterranean: State of Play ... 1
EMS ALUMNI – On the map of Mediterranean: Statistics of participants & speakers
EMS on Facebook ... 6
Comments by participants of XXV Euro-Med Seminar ... 8
Paul Walton, ALF, Alexandria, Egypt
The Anna Lindh Foundation:
An actor for dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean space ... 11

EMS Network, Issue 6, Autumn 2008    1.17 MB
Editorial –
Prospects for a Union for the Mediterranean ... 1
EMS ALUMNI – Comments by participants of XXIV Euro-Med Seminar ... 4
Anna Carin Krokstäde:
The ENP: The policy that makes a difference ... 7
Lisbon Treaty - EU Institutional Way Forward ... 8
Dr. Jean-François Daguzan:
L’Union pour la Méditerranée : l’initiative de la « dernière chance » ? ... 10

EMS Network, Issue 5, Spring 2008    830KB
Editorial –
Prof. Bichara KHADER, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium:
The Hazy Concept of the Mediterranean Union ... 1
XXIII Malta Seminar – EMS Alumni – Comments by Participants ... 4
Summary of the XXIII EMS ... 6
Slovenian Presidency and Euro-Med ... 7
Changes in the Schengen Area ... 7
Benita Ferrero-Waldner:
Alliance of Civilization and 2008 Year of Intercultural Dialogue ... 8

EMS Network, Issue 4, Autumn 2007    615KB
Editorial –
Dr. Walid M. Abdelnasser, Director, Institute for Diplomatic Studies, Cairo:
The Euro–Med Cultural Partnership: An Arab Perspective ... 1
EMS Alumni – Accounts of Participants of XXII Euro–Med Seminar ... 4
Dr. Renate Schimkoreit, Euro-Med Coordinator, Berlin:
The EMP during German Presidency ... 6
Changes in Euro–Zone - Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus ... 8

EMS Network, Issue 3, Spring 2007   993KB
Editorial –
Dr. Joe Borg, EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs:
Europe in a Globalised World ... 1
EMS Alumni – Accounts of Participants of XXI Euro-Med Seminar ... 3
Amb. Lars Bjarme, Euro-Med Coordinator, Sweden:
The Euro-Med Partnership – Success or failure? ... 6
German Presidency of EU & 50th anniversary of Treaties of Rome ... 8

EMS Network, Issue 2, Autumn 2006   673KB
Editorial –
Marc Pierini, EU Commission representative to Tunisia:
The Barcelona Process – Ten Years on: What Prospects? ... 1
EMS Alumni – Accounts of Participants of XX Euro-Med Seminar ... 3
Summary of the XX Euro-Med Seminar ... 6
EMS Simulation Exercise on EuroMed Diplomacy ... 7
Finnish Presidency of EU ... 8

EMS Network, Issue 1, Spring 2006   783KB
Editorial –
Prof. Guido de Marco, President Emeritus of Malta:
Dr. Stephen C. Calleya, Director, MEDAC:
Summary of the XIX Euro-Med Seminar ... 5
Report of the Working Group on Political/Cultural Partnership ... 6
Groupe de travail: Partenariat économique ... 7
EMS Website Remake ... 8


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