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Information and Training Seminar for Euro-Med Diplomats
Malta 11th-14th May, 2012
Press Release

Confidence Building and Networking in the Mediterranean


The thirty-second Euro-Mediterranean Information and Training Seminar took place in Malta between May 11th -14th2012. The four days of proceedings provided a unique opportunity to reflect upon and discuss openly the historic transformation that has swept across the southern Mediterranean throughout the past eighteen months. The Seminar focused on recent developments in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, now referred to as the Union for the Mediterranean. Particular attention was dedicated to identifying the progress registered in implementation of the Union for the Mediterranean agenda and EU policy decisions towards the Mediterranean since commencement of the ‘Arab Spring’.

This Euro-Mediterranean Seminar is brought together diplomats from the majority of the twenty-seven European Union member states and the Mediterranean Partner countries that signed the Barcelona Declaration in November 1995 and Union for the Mediterranean partner states, including for the first time participants from Libya. The Seminar is organized by the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies of the University of Malta under the auspices of the European External Action Service who assist in coordinating this official Euro-Mediterranean confidence building initiative.

Throughout the four-day seminar academic specialists and other professionals from Europe and the Mediterranean presented a series of lectures on developments pertaining to political, security, economic, financial, and the socio-cultural and human dimensions of contemporary Euro-Mediterranean relations.

Specific attention was dedicated to topics that include: Perspectives and Prospects for Political Change in the Mediterranean; An Evaluation of progress registered to date when it comes to political reforms as a result of the upheavals in the Arab world; will also take place. An Assessment of the main Economic Challenges in the Mediterranean; the Challenge of Energy Security; and the Role of Civil Society in the transformation of the Euro-Mediterranean region was also discussed.

The Euro-Mediterranean Information and Training meeting for diplomats, or Malta Seminar as the distinguished gatherings have become more commonly known, was addressed on Friday, May 11th 2012 by the Hon. Dr. Tonio Borg, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta. Dr. Borg emphasized the important role that Malta has consistently been playing as a champion of confidence building mechanisms in the Mediterranean, including the Euro-Mediterranean Information and Training Seminar for diplomats that has been taking place since October 1996.

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