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32nd Information and Training Seminar
for Euro-Med Diplomats

Comments of Participants

Salima BENAHMED — Morocco

I was very much delighted to take part at the 32nd Information and Training Seminar for Euro-Med Diplomats, held in Malta from 11th to 14th of May 2012 and to be part of such a leading seminar on Euro-Med affairs.

I highly valued the unparalleled opportunity to meet, diplomats from the Euro-Med region, at a historic time for one region: the southern Mediterranean which has still been witnessing sweeping changes since the outbreak of the so called Arab Spring. Thus, I very much appreciated the opportunity I was given to share insights and experiences in a deep and true spirit of partnership in order to address the Euro-Med relations. With no doubt, the seminar was a unique opportunity to reflect on the distinguished panels and benefit from the outstanding exchange of views on developments, prospects and challenges facing our region.

I do recognize the simulation exercise as a crucial component of the Seminar as it provided us with a great opportunity to discuss, in small groups, the proposed questions and be able to reach a final consensus on setting a number of recommendations. The simulation exercise was a real means to enhancing dialogue, urging mutual understanding and strengthening confidence building among us.

I mostly enjoyed the informal discussions we all had over breakfasts, lunches and break times as it allowed us to continue debating views on the Seminar’s central theme but more over, sharing and expanding knowledge on cultural, economic, social aspects of the participating countries.

I must confess that I fell in love with Malta at the first sight! I was really fascinated with this very beautiful country of many varied facets that testimony the capacity Malta has — to be a crossroad of many cultures, and a concrete example of cultural exchanges and dialogue of civilizations. I am definitely willing to come and visit Malta again!

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere and deep gratitude to MEDAC, to Prof. Calleya and his staff in particular, and the European Commission for providing young diplomats, of both Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean, with a valuable framework for enhancing cooperation on the basis of mutual concerns and shared values.

I am sure that in years to come, the Euro-Med Seminar will continue to thrive in the spirit of dialogue and cooperation. I wish all the best for the future!

Direction de l'Union Européenne et des Processus Méditerranéens
Service des Relations avec les Institutions Communautaires Morocco

List of Participants

32nd Information and Training
Seminar for Euro-Med Diplomats
11th-14th May 2012
 Country  SURNAME  Name
Albania DAI Irena
Albania QORRI Ilir 
Algeria BELKESSAM Fouad
Algeria HABCHI Mohamed Lamine 
Bosnia-Herzegovine STEVANOVIĆ-MILIĆ Sanja
Bosnia-Herzegovine PANDŽIĆ Meliha
Croatia BLAŽEKOVIĆ Ivana
Croatia PECAREVIC Niki
Egypt HARHOUR Baher
Egypt ELLAYEH Abdellatif
France MARTIN Camille
France ACHAB Majda
Germany KEIL Jonas
Hungary NÁSZ Adrienn
Israel LEVY David
Italy ROMANO Rocco
Jordan ABABNEH Asem
Jordan HAYAJNEH Akram
Libya AREBE Ismael
Libya DAWAD Imhemmed
Lebanon ISSA Abdelaziz
Malta CORDINA Alan
Malta SCIBERRAS Chirelle
Morocco BENAHMED Salima
Morocco EL JAI FatimA Zahra
Palestinian Authority EWAIDA Abdal Karim
Palestinian Authority SOBEH Suad
Slovenia GRILC Jana
Tunisia CHEBBI Taoufik
Turkey BEKEN Murat Selim
Turkey URUCAY Halil


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